Sutton Coldfield Carnival

Welcome to the Sutton Coldfield Carnival

Due to unforeseen operational problems we have now run out of time to mount the event this year. This is very sad for all parties involved as a lot of prep work had already been completed but the workload exceeded the capacity within the available time scale. So rather that put on an event which would not do the Carnival justice we have decided to concentrate on trying to mount a full two-day event in 2017 of which everyone can be proud.

A big public thank you to the people who have tried hard to resurrect it this year but we just simple ran out of time – it was always a very ambitious project as the detailed work only started in March whereas normally for an event of this scale work would have commenced before Christmas.

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Our Facebook page reached over 50,000 people in one week during the lead up to the 2013 carnival event. If you feel your business would benefit from being involved in such a high profile campaign, please get in touch ASAP here.


• 10,000 visitors throughout the day
• Over 50 stalls and attractions
• Paul Warwick Funfair
• Live music and dance
• Children’s entertainment and games
• Refreshments

A warm welcome to you all! Find out more about the Sutton Coldfield Carnival here...Contact Us

What People Thought

  • The 2013 event was great! The weather was nice and I had a really good time so did all my family! Our stall was a total hit too with all the families that came so thanks Sutton Coldfield Carnival for lettings us be a part of it. See you in 2014!

    Mark Brown

    Mark Brown - Cake Stall

What People Thought

  • Really looking forward to the Sutton Coldfield Carnival in 2014, we are entering our baby into the Royal Baby Contest so wish us luck!

    Jason Moore

    Jason Moore - Member of public